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take my name, i don't need it...

nine inch nails: year zero

track listing

01. hyperpower!
02. the beginning of the end
03. survivalism
04. the good soldier
05. vessel
06. me, i'm not
07. capital G
08. my violent heart
09. the warning
10. god given
11. meet your master
12. the greater good
13. the great destroyer
14. another version of the truth
15. in this twilight
16. zero-sum

still not used to getting a nin album so soon after the previous release i was a bit hesitant in this. until i saw the video for survivalism. it wasn't really the video that got me, it was the song...specifically the lines i got my violence in hi def ultra-realism...i got my fist i got my plan i got survivalism. the stand out tracks for me are my violent heart, another version of the truth. no song is really a fast driven track save for survivalism of course (the download i got from itunes came with a pretty good remix of it). it's sort of like steady incredible beats, very nicely done...i was more impressed than i was prepared to be. a lot of it is reminicent of other things he's done...but rarely in this genre of music can someone 15 years into the game still produce a great provoking record.

oh and call this number: 1-866-445-6580
Tags: album, nin, year zero
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