take my name, i don't need it... (evendeeper) wrote in brownulated,
take my name, i don't need it...

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i'm tryin not to move...it's just your ghost passing thru...

  1. i know a bloke | herbaliser

  2. sasasan katamari | katamari damacy

  3. hypnotist of ladies | they might be giants

  4. sea of sin [tonal mix] | depeche mode

  5. man who knows | herbaliser

  6. wylin out [rjd2 mix] | mos def/diverse/prefuse 73

  7. driving down by the hudson river | yuka honda

  8. final home | dj krush + esthero

  9. this is insane | william s burroughs

  10. we're in this together | nine inch nails

  11. to have and to hold | deftones

  12. walking wounded [hard vocal mix] | everything but the girl

  13. putting the damage on | tori amos

  14. a crimson rose and a gin tonic | katamari damacy

  15. boom! | the roots

  16. buddy [twelve inch remix] | de la soul

  17. last girl on earth | supreme beings of leisure

  18. smiley faces | gnarls barkley

  19. magnetizing | handsome boy modeling school + del tha funkee homosapien

  20. to catch a thief | lovage

  21. the mark has been made | nine inch nails

  22. rom ok | dudley ghost.

Tags: mix cd, sin
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